A savage shapeshifting flamethrower

We had a scorching, crackling, fizzling start to our first Inky Writers creative writing session of the new term. I gave the children the word “fire” as a starting point, lots of A3 paper and Sharpies. I then gave them separate sheets with the five senses as starters, for example, “fire tastes like…”

The words bubbled, popped and exploded out of the children. Here is the result!

Using these words, I wrote a poem which I shared with the children:

A Shapeshifting Flamethrower Comes to Town

Watch out! The melting, boiling flare of
The fire-breathing flamethrower threatens
To burn the town with a savage glow.

Some say she is a dragon. Shapeshifter
Maybe. Who knows?
She is deadly, smokey, spooky, white hot.

An incinerating inferno trails in her wake
Exploding flames, choking, crackling
Red and violent. Blitzed.


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