Celebrating Autumn Japanese-style

At Inky Writers – the creative writing after school club for children, we tumbled into Autumn by writing haiku and tanka poems after a fruitful word generation session inspired by Autumnal pictures, and a handful of conkers. Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan caught the children’s imagination and the golden building on top of such still water featured in their writing throughout the session.

Here is a selection of poetry from the 9 and 10 year old children:


Autumn hides secrets
Fireworks light the sky
Early evening haunts late nights
Gentle breeze blows by

Round the crackling fire
The leaves burn with ember glow
Falling like black ash

Bonfire night
Swirling leaves fall down
Toasting chestnuts by the fire
Bonfire night is here

As the day begins
The golden temple shines bright
As leaves fall around


Autumn creeping in
I wave goodbye to summer
Leaves turn gold and fall
Dragonflies sneak out to play
I know it is here to stay

Wet brown muddy grass
Water rushing down the stream
Soggy red-brown leaves
The wind rushes in my face
Sending coldness down my spine

Vapour on the water
Clouds on the water
Grass running from the gales
It was after dark
The reeds lay down to earth
The trees in the woods were hush


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