Inky Writers Story Bag

The Inky Writers Story Bag is a regular feature of Inky Writers creative writing after school clubs. I put in a mystery object, or a group of objects that I think will inspire a story or piece of writing.

This week, I wanted to give the children a message in a bottle as inspiration and I researched real messages that were found in bottles. There was one that was written on the Lusitania, just before it sank.


This is the message:

Still on deck with a few people. The last boats have left. We are sinking fast. Some men near me are praying with a priest. The end is near. Maybe this note will…

I put the message in a bottle and hid it in the Inky Writers Story Bag for inspiration. Some of the children found it difficult to imagine what it might be like on a sinking ship all those years ago, but this is what one child wrote as a continuation:

“Maybe this note will help you in the future. If ships are sinking and you’re on one, I pray that this message will save your life. Think fast – a vital thing. Pray to God that you’ll survive. Get on a lifeboat or at least try to. If you’re on a lower deck, get to the high deck and on to a lifeboat. Think of the Titanic and imagine. If this message is seen soon, then get help. We need supplies. SOS. She’s almost vertical. If another war breaks out in the future, then protect yourself. As I said, the end is near, and I don’t think I’ll survive, so if anybody finds this, just take a look at this and imagine what it was like.”


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