Bone-chilling, shadowy, boulders of stone

‘Stone’ was the starter word this week. While they were busy scribbling stoney words, the children took a moment to pull out stones and crystals from the Inky Writers story bag for inspiration. Not that they needed it – the words rolled like rocks tumbling down a ravine.

Here is one story that came out of the session (written in about 10 minutes by a 9-year-old):

The day I went to Stonehenge 

Dear Diary
Yesterday, I visited Stonehenge. But it didn’t turn out well. When we arrived, the traffic was terrible and it took an hour to actually park, and I was really thirsty! When we finally got there, it was amazing though. The stone towered high into the sky. I imagined what it would have been like to build Stonehenge many years ago – hands bashing against the stone, yells of pain and you scrape your hands against the rough, dry surface, blood pouring out…

“Hey, Bennie, get back here!”

I saw Bennie and he had crawled under the protecting barrier and he was now climbing up the stone!

Mum and Dad yelled at him but he didn’t care, he was lost in his own little world of pretending to be a monkey. Suddenly, he slipped and fell to the ground with a thud. Scraping his hand over the rough, scratchy stone as he fell. Police rushed through the barrier, followed by Mum and Dad. Bennie was, of course, in tears, for his hands and chin were covered in blood and dirt. We ended up driving Ben to the hospital. So that was the end of our day at Stonehenge. What a lot of time wasted!

Thanks for listening diary,

Tom: London


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