Inky Archipelago

treasure map

I love getting lost and not knowing what’s round the corner, and it’s the same with writing. It can be fun to just start and see where your pen takes you. But sometimes it’s useful to have a map. I find it helpful to draw maps when I’m planning a story; it helps me create a world and visualise exactly where everything is. So I thought it would be fun to explore this with the children at Inky Writers.

Our word of the day was ‘map’. This is our opening word association activity when the children get to write with Sharpies on wallpaper lining paper. They love to write big and bold, explore tangents and doodle around the theme.

I shared maps from the endpapers of classic books: Winnie the Pooh, The Hobbit and Kensuke’s Kingdom. Then I rolled out a long sheet of wallpaper lining paper, on which I’d drawn mountains and a river to start them off and the children worked as a group to create their own map of an imaginary world. I also scattered some lost treasure Gold Cards from Yo Yo Bears snacks, to give them ideas if they were stuck. They decided their world was best as a group of islands and called it Inky Archipelago.

Some places that were discovered:

  • Cat Cove
  • Cat Island
  • Skeleton Cave
  • Boney Island
  • Blackbeard Island Cemetery
  • Jurassic Island
  • King John’s Cove
  • Creepy Forest
  • Lost Mountain
  • Land of the Dead
  • Yeti Cave
  • ET Crater
  • The Lack of Destiny
  • Lost Dan’s Mine
  • The Million Window Hotel
  • The Lost Boat of Blood
  • The Evil Witch’s Palace
  • Devil Goat
  • Big Foot Cave
  • The Dark Forest

Even though the map is too big to reproduce here, I think you’ll agree that these place names are creative and inspirational in themselves!

Some of the children like writing poetry, and enjoy working with a model poem. So, to fit in with the map theme, I found this one in Rip the Page:

Map to Treasure
Begin at the root where the black crow eats
Slide onto Huckaloo Trail
Back-flip until you hit the rock of pain
Turn right and climb up Snowy Peak
Watch out for the angry hermit
Proceed with caution southeast for two miles
Ask the wind to erase your footprints
Dig through the pile of steaming dirt
End up at a creek filled with salmon
Put on the blue goggles waiting for you
Swim to the bottom and dig through soft mud
Soon you will find the silver and gold
Answers to the mysteries of your life.

And here are some Inky Writers poems:

Begin at the triangle of DOOM!
Slide on to the Puppy Island
Follow Dead Man’s Land Path
Run to the multi-million window hotel
Soon you will see a door
Turn left
You are at your destination.

Begin by crawling through the deep dark tunnel
Once you come out the other side,
Follow the footsteps to the Cave of Doom
Go round it
You will see two slides: one made of silver, one made of gold
Go down the one made of silver
Then you’ll find the book of spells and answers.

The Death Island
Death Island, Death Island
Is such a mysterious place
Everyone that comes back
Comes back in such a disgrace

The only person that lived there
His name was Uncle Joe
He had a cold when there was heaps of snow

So if you dare to go there
It’s important to know
You will probably come back
With at least a broken toe!

(*Treasure map taken from Tim’s Printables.)


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