Home is where the heart is…or is it?

Exploring abstract nouns and expressing them in the surroundings of a poem or story is always a good exercise. I made two piles of index cards – one pile with an abstract noun written on and the other a part of the house. The writers took one card from each pile and put them together. They then wrote about what came up, for example, we had the bathroom of despair, and the shed of luxury. This was based on an activity I remembered enjoying from a creative writing class I attended (thanks, Andie).

Here are two examples of work written during the session:

The Cellar of Sadness
Drip, drip goes the cellar of sadness
As the ceiling leaks with tears.
You’d never like to be in the cellar of sadness
I heard of someone trapped there for years.

Murky puddles of blood flood the cellar of sadness
Locked out from the world above
Nightmares are made in the cellar of sadness
And there’s not a whisper of love.

Cobwebs are there in the cellar of sadness
And shadows fill the air
But don’t venture far in the cellar of sadness
For all I know…THERE’S A BEAR!

The Attic of Adventure
It was dark in Lamfon. Pitch dark. But an illuminating blue glow cut through the hard darkness. It was the only night where everything was dark. No flash lights. No electricity. Therefore no lights…but this portal was an exception and it was Alyssa Cooper who found it. It was 22 October, sometimes named Granus Day because the night of that day was dark. That same night, the Night of Granus, was the night I described to you lines ago. The stone ring looked boring. It was the shimmering bluish turquoise light inside that drew Alyssa’s attention.

“It looks brilliant,” murmured Alyssa. As she was standing in awe an invisible hand just gave a little nudge to her…suddenly she was floating down through a vortex of colours but not just blue. It was a kaleidoscope of red, pink, yellow and indigo. When finally she stopped falling, she plopped onto some sandy world. She was disorientated. She took a while to get used to her surroundings, but when she did, she noticed she was in a living paradise.


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