The shape of a tree

The children enjoy drawing during Inky Writers, whether that’s doodling while thinking of ideas or illustrating the writing they have done, so I have been working on ways to incorporate drawing into the creative writing process. That idea inspired the maps workshop and this time, we tried shape poems.

The shape of a tree is a good place to start, and next time, I’ll take the writers for a walk through the trees to begin with, because that was the first thing they wanted to do. “Can we go and smell a tree?” they asked. Luckily there is a woodland area behind the classroom, so they popped outside, touched and breathed in the trees, before returning with leaves.

This drawing of a tree by my talented sister shows the intricate branches of a tree in winter. The branches of a simpler outline could easily hold some words, so I took this in to give them some idea of shape.

While some children worked on trees with branches, the examples I have here are more of a block shape:

Eve's tree poem Isobel's tree poem ready

The Sad Tree

The Sad Tree


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