Back at Inky Writers after the winter break, I have gained a group of younger children (Years 2 – 4). I’m looking forward to working with the raw imagination of this age group.

I didn’t offer any models of writing for this first session of term; I wanted to see what the children would come up with left to their own devices. The word of the day was “ice” and I took in ice cubes and encouraged the children to use all their senses to describe it. I also shared a book of close up photographs of snowflakes. We talked about icy characters and icy settings; the Disney Frozen film was a good reference point.

Here are some examples of writing that emerged:


A freezing planet with hardly any leaves.
If you didn’t have warm clothes, you really would freeze!
But there is ONE little house that will warm you up like fire,
In that little house there lives a lady called Mia.

As I put the ice cube into my mouth, my brain clenches and freezes. I shiver. I have got sweat running down my face. I want to spit it out but I don’t. I go stiff, fall to the ground. I’m in a coma. I think I’m dreaming. Maybe not. I don’t know.

I’m jumping on cloud and eating marshmallows. The froth in my mouth is just delicious. The next thing I know, I’m on the back of a tyrannosaurus rex, fighting a pterodactyl. Aaaaa! I’m falling through the air about to land on a rock, when what do you know? The pterodactyl catches me on her back, whizzing through the air; she takes me up to the clouds but this time there is an elevator. I go inside and I fall on a big red button. Oh no! This means trouble and suddenly I’m in a pool with sharks…

The Smile-Snatcher
The cold air whipped the happy child’s face as Hermione built a snow girl in her icy front garden. The icicle hung on the beautiful old oak tree. Its branches hang lopsided as the gushing wind blew the branches madly, scattering leaves everywhere. Hermione’s long ginger hair was tied neatly in two plaits that hung down her snowy blue coat. Her pretty face had over two thousand freckles and looked extremely like a kind of fairy-tale character, but Hermione was no ordinary girl; she was special.

One day, when Hermione was asleep in her bed, she had a dream, and in that dream there was a person speaking in a high-pitched voice and it said: “Everyone in this village will never smile again. Everyone will be unhappy for the rest of their lives.” When he had finished, he laughed in a hoarse voice.

Hermione woke up with a shiver. She thought about the dream for a long time and then realised that it was a warning.

The Ice King Slayer
When Johansson set off,
Sponsored by a toff,
He was all set:
He had harpoons and a net
A net’s a new invention
He had won at a convention.

He thought he could slap,
Or maybe, I think, slay
Go to slay a monster
A very long time away.

He got caught in a snowstorm,
But he didn’t grieve,
Just ’cause he knew,
He had tricks up his sleeve…

He slept through the rain,
and the bumps and the dark,
But back up again soon,
He sang like a lark.

He was climbing
Climbing to slay an ice king,
The mountain was steep,
Hard for any being.

“Turn back,” said a voice in the dark of his brain.
But another voice said:
“Don’t go back at all,
That’s what’s keeping you sane!”

When finally he reached
The top of the mountain,
He yearned for a drink,
From a new modern fountain.

The palace loomed in front,
To the naked eye it looked
Like a misshapen egg,
That avoided being cooked.

The ice king was frozen
No doubt about that
The king was lounged
On a throne he sat.

He has a sword
It looks like he could use it.
He claims it’s deadly
When it is lit.

Johansson stepped up
The king just laughed
His confidence wavered
When a servant barfed.

He drew his sword
The king did too
The king was near
He tied his shoe.

His sword it sliced
Johansson dodged
The Ice King fell
His sword got lodged!

As Johansson moved in for the kill
He thought if killing was a sin
Would it go against his record in hell?
Would he have punishment?
Would he scream and yell?

He decided it best
That he left the king alone
He would abandon the monarch
Where he would groan and groan.

He slept through the rain
And the bumps and the dark
But back up again soon, he
Sang like a lark.

When he arrived
Back at the mountain village
He had a nasty surprise
There were pirates that did pillage!

So Johansson faked being mad
And yelled a string of curses.
The pirates soon were scared right off
And threw back stolen purses!

And then at the early
Hour of dawn
When the cockerel crows to wake
The whole village cheered and cheered
What a peculiar sight!

When, at last, the glory over
Johansson he was knighted
But just remember
What courage he showed
and how the battle was fighted!

The end.


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