A friend is better than a book

There are a few children new to Inky Writers this term, and a couple of them joined an established group, so to take the pressure off them writing on their own, we created a poem as a group – each person wrote a line, then some moved on to writing in pairs. They each started with a piece of paper and wrote a line, then swapped and continued. Our word of the day was “friend”. And here are some results – first of all, a selection of friend metaphors and similes from both groups:

A friend is a kind, helpful joyous person that looks after you
A friend is a knife looking after you
A friend is a kind loving person like a loving furry cat who loves everyone
A friend is an owl to look after you
A friend is a fluffy cat, always looking out for you and helps you if you fall
A friend is a rope – you can either skip with it or let it strangle you!
A friend is a joyful bundle of fun!
A friend is better than a book
A friend is someone who cares about you
A friend is always looking out for you like an owl
A friend is a cat purring that makes you smile
A friend is entertaining tv, after a frantic day
A friend is warmth after a cold, wet day
A friend is a fluffy marshmallowy pillow where you can sleep right through school forever
A friend is the internet, always helping you when you need it
A friend is like a member of your family, always loving
A friend is a cushion at the end of the day to sit on
A friend is a soft fluffy cat or a warm fire
A friend is a tiny cute fluffy pygmy marmoset with brown fur
A friend is like guy man; he is always making you laugh
A friend is a giant ball of happiness that is always there for you
A friend is a star in the gloomy night sky
A friend is a walking stick; if you fall, it helps you along
A friend is a bundle of energy like an electric shock
A friend is a thesaurus; they are always helping you

My Friends
When I fall, they help me along.
When I find the going tough,
They will help me soon enough.

When I am sad about my results
When I find I’m down in the dumps
They will remove my goosebumps.

But when I am happy
And I am so flappy,
They will anchor me to the ground.

When I feel over the moon
As puffed up as a big balloon
They will always be my friends
Even better than a Mercedes Benz!

Inside’s Dan’s Bag (a poem written by two boys adding alternate lines)
There is a compass with mud on it
An infinite universe
A man telling a dog to sit
A stolen purse
A 300-year-old first-aid kit
A 3,000,000-year-old nurse
An old granny starting to knit
A poem with a 1,000,000-word verse
A lantern that’s just been lit
A big, smelly pit
A rude, ancient pirate curse
One solitary nit
A broken-down hearse
An old, Chinese man called Yit
Actors beginning to rehearse
A man with a big red zit
A weird man called Ovenurse
A mouse saying, “lock it.”


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