I dreamed a dream

Dreams are a rich source of inspirational material for writers, so this week, we explored the hidden worlds of our night-time adventures.

My Dream
My dream was quite peculiar, with lollypops standing tall, fields of bouncy marshmallows and then a candy wall. I ate my way through a forest of rice with birds that stand and talk. I met a man with icing on and chocolate buttons too! And then I woke up to find me next to you!

My Dream
Some can be bad,
Some can be good,
But this one’s just plain weird.
I was eating a rainbow in the sky,
When suddenly I fell into a giant apple pie,
Where I met a random guy
Who took me on an adventure.

Through cucumber forests we trekked
And fought a mushroom man called Mecked.
We scaled mountains of marshmallow
Then there was a loud horrid bellow
Then I saw…my bedroom wall.
I had been woken up by a guy called Paul!

My dream
I dreamed a dream one stormy night
Of fluffy marshmallow clouds
Of dancing fish and plants that bite
And tiny, snowy towns.

I dreamed a dream on midsummers eve
Where I dived into a lake
Where sprouts and broccoli and cabbage would leave
And instead we’d eat chocolate cake.

I dreamed a dream on a fluffy cloud
Staring up, into the stars
Where you could turn your music up incredibly loud
And fly all the way to Mars.

I dreamed a dream in my comfy bed
Just listening to the rain.
And picture stories whirred inside my head;
I rode a golden unicorn holding onto her silver mane.

The children really enjoy making up entertaining, rhyming poems, so I thought they’d like to have a go at writing limericks. I took in The Blue Peter Book of Limericks that I picked up at a jumble sale when I was a child. Once we’d had a laugh at the outfits and hairstyle of the cover stars, we got to work. Here’s an example:

There was a group of nerds,
Who came in a herd.
They had big round glasses,
and took hundreds of classes.
Well all I can say is, they’re quite absurd.


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