Haibun = story plus haiku

The children wrote about memories this week. One form of writing that really gets them thinking about staying in the moment and using descriptive words, is Haibun. To begin with, we wrote a list of firsts, then I asked them to pick one to write about. There is usually a heightened awareness when we do something for the first time, and for children the firsts come thick and fast. They wrote well about their memories, starting sentences with the words “I remember…” and “I don’t remember…”. When I noticed that they had stayed in one moment, I encouraged them to show an even more vivid close up with a haiku.

Here is an example:

I was climbing this tree, all mossy and green; it was a bit soggy. Then I got to the top and found I was stuck. I asked my mum what to do and she told me to come down slowly, the way I had come up. I leant on a branch, which I had leant on before but this time it BROKE! SNAP! As I fell, I felt the air rush past my face. Then suddenly, I landed with a THUD in some smelly leaves. I then did a body check, good, nothing broken. Phew! Lucky!

Big tree, sloping trunk
mossy branches
Snap, falling, super fast, thud.


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