Green Children

I shared the story of The Green Children of Woolpit with the Inky Writers today, for a couple of reasons – their theme for the term at school is medieval times and because I wanted to give them a story that already existed. Hopefully, by doing this I am offering them a framework for working on their own stories, taking away one of the story-making steps – inventing a completely new idea.

Here are a few stories inspired by the green children:

The Moon Children
As me and my brother, Ben, walked to the jungle to eat green beans and tica flowers, I thought about when mother had died on mine and Ben’s birthday, 144 suns ago. We were still mourning. We carried on walking in silence, listening to the dragons and harpies fighting (I had come out of my thoughts now). Before we carry on, I will tell you about myself: My name is Leo and I live in the green forest (everything is green). It’s next to the jungle. All I eat is green. In fact, I am green; my hair, my legs and arms. The one thing that isn’t green is my eyes; they are two colours – green, blue and brown. On the moon there is a legend of humans. They are very strange. They only have two arms, five fingers and no tail and no wings. NO WINGS. Everything has wings apart from humans.

Fairy children
The long green grass quivered in a gentle breeze from the snow-capped mountains. Two children skipped in the green field, herding their sheep to safety before the dark hour. Now these children were not ordinary; if you looked closer, a pair of wings peeked out of their backs. Yes! They were fairy children. Their skin was a pale green and mottled moss hair tumbled down their backs.

In fairy land there was no dawn or dusk, sun or moon; it was always twilight. But one particular hour of the day broke the rules; the dark hour.

The children quickened their pace; foreboding was rising in the air and safety was still a field away! A howl echoed through the crystal mountains and a black feathery thing swooped past the girl’s face. The children began to run desperately…

Jack and the Bean Stalk (Mk 2)
Jack rapidly climbed down the bean stalk clutching the Golden Goose and magic harp. Near the bottom of the stalk, he jumped off and looked up. It was the giant! He ran inside his house and came out with a gigantic axe. Jack swung the axe again and again then finally, the bean stalk fell down taking the giant with it. WHAM!!!

That night, while Jack was in bed, there was a blinding flash of light and a UFO flew overhead. There were some strange noises and suddenly, Jack and his Mum were there being beamed into the UFO.

When Jack and his Mum woke up, they found themselves strapped to a metal table. Looming over them were aliens. The aliens had massive green heads but really thin green bodies. Jack noticed that one of the aliens was pointing a massive, futuristic ray gun/laser at his Mum! There was a bright, green beam of light that hit his Mum. She started to shrink and become younger by the second! The beam stopped and she looked about 9!

Then Jack felt himself lifting off the table and he went through a hole in the space ship. They were on a different world! He looked at his hand; it was green! And so was his Mum. Then they landed in a cave on a different world…


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